979.238.CAER (2237)

Welcome to Brazosport Industrial CAER

Sirens are tested every Monday beginning at 12:01 p.m., and will sound for 45 seconds.

Occasionally you may hear other sirens. These are signals for internal plant communications. When in doubt, please call the CAER line or visit facebook.

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Brazosport CAER (Community Awareness & Emergency Response) is a program that provides information to the community in the event an emergency should occur from one of the surrounding industries.

CAER deals with internal safety precautions as well as emergency response plans for the community and stresses two-way communication between the public and industry.

This program and its efforts greatly reduce the probability of a major chemical emergency due to the fact that the community and industry are prepared.

CodeRED Mobile Alert System


Keeping Citizens Informed

CAER, Brazosport’s industrial emergency alert organization utilizes CodeRED Mobile Alert. This system is geo-aware and sends alerts to registered phones in affected areas. Using CodeRED is one of several ways CAER keeps the community and its visitors informed when needed. Download the app or register below.

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