Community Awareness

What do I do in a chemical emergency?

The community sirens will notify you if a chemical emergency is occurring in an area close by.

Please Note:  The sirens are tested every Monday at 12:10 p.m.

If you hear the CAER Sirens:

  • Go inside a car or building
  • Close windows and turn off air conditioners or furnace
  • Use towels to block air flow areas
  • Do not travel or start vehicle
  • Call the CAER line or visit facebook
  • If the release gets inside, place wet cloth over your mouth and nose
  • If you hear the CAER sirens but can't get inside, move crosswind


If the event is directly impacting your residence or business, you will be notified via an automatic Telephone Alert System of any additional steps you need to take.

Note:  If you live in or visit the Brazosport area and have an unlisted phone and/or cell phone number, please consider releasing that number to the TAS System for emergency communication purposes; it will remain confidential.

CodeRED Mobile Alert System


Keeping Citizens Informed

CAER, Brazosport’s industrial emergency alert organization utilizes CodeRED Mobile Alert. This system is geo-aware and sends alerts to registered phones in affected areas. Using CodeRED is one of several ways CAER keeps the community and its visitors informed when needed. Download the app or register below. 

Register for CodeRED